About Andean Forests

ANDEAN FORESTS is a multimedia exhibition that uses the elements of the new immersive technology to recreate the sensations that the Andean forests provoke when one is in the middle of them. By immersing ourselves in this VR experience, we gain proximity to these unique Andean ecosystems.

Created by the Conversations du Monde association, this production is part of a larger series called “Into the heart”. Its objective is to envelop people in a specific ecosystem and, through virtual interaction, feel and understand it better to finally get involved in its protection. Led by award-winning photographer Nicolas Villaume, the experience offered by this platform focuses on interactive VR and 360 ° views to recreate fascinating journeys into the heart of ecosystems.

This initiative was born with the continuous collaboration with the Andean Forest Program, providing scientific guidance and experts in forest monitoring in regions of South America.

ANDEAN FORESTS was launched in March 2019 with multimedia scenarios from Peru: Apurímac and the special cloud forest of the Ampay National Sanctuary. This project aims to expand in the South American region by joining forces with different partners and NGOs working in the field to protect these ecosystems. Next, a new section on Ecuador will be presented with the exclusive Bellavista forest and the Osso Valley. In addition to the web platform, tangible exhibitions and educational centers will be presented in urban and rural areas to maximize awareness and reach of the project among young people.

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Conversations du monde

Partners & Collaborators

Andean Forests Program

The Andean Forest Program is a regional initiative that helps the Andean population living in and around montane forests reduce their vulnerability to climate change and receive social, economic and environmental benefits from the conservation of Andean forests.

It is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), facilitated by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, and the Consortium for the Sustainable Development of the Andean Ecoregion (CONDESAN)


HELVETAS Swiss intercooperation

It is a non-profit civil association that contributes to the reduction of poverty through support for the implementation of projects, technical advice for capacity building and support for advocacy actions on public policies that benefit vulnerable populations.



CONDESAN is a private non-profit organization that has concentrated its activities for more than 20 years in the region of the Tropical Andes. It is committed to the sustainable management of natural resources as a means to help overcome the poverty of the Andean populations and ensure their well-being.


Ministry of the Environment (MINAM)

The Ministry of the Environment We promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, the enhancement of biological diversity and environmental quality for the benefit of people and the environment in a decentralized manner and articulated with public and private organizations and the civil society, within the framework of green growth and environmental governance.



Producing multimedia cross-platforms to support cultural empowerment, environmental awareness and to generate conversations with the world.

Founded in Paris in 2004 by french photographer Nicolas Villaume, the association CONVERSATIONS DU MONDE (CDM) primary worked on oral tradition and transmission of knowledge mechanisms. It focuses on cultural empowerment and environmental awareness using the emotional power of combined arts with a digital approach: photography, videos, internet and new medias. CDM creates multimedia exhibitions from grass roots communities to leading international museums and education organizations. In 15 years, CDM has been involved in more than 50 multimedia venues worldwide, from the most remote places like Tambobamba, a Quechua community of the Peruvian Andes, to the most popular museums like the Smithsonian in Washington DC, USA.



The Arví Park is an open public park, created for the enjoyment of the entire local community, nationals and foreigners, which through a sustainable tourist offer, tends to preserve environmental, cultural and archaeological wealth // Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia.


Swiss Development Cooperation Agency (SDC)

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) is the entity in charge of international cooperation responsible for the general coordination of development cooperation, as well as Swiss humanitarian aid programs. The SDC promotes economic and state self-management, contributes to the improvement of production conditions, helps to solve environmental problems and is responsible for facilitating better access to training and basic health citizens.


Apurimac Regional Government

The Regional Government of Apurímac is a state agency that promotes sustainable comprehensive regional development, promoting public and private investment and employment. It guarantees the full exercise of the rights and equal opportunities of its inhabitants, in accordance with the national, regional and local development plans and programs.



It is a non-profit civil association that since 1,992 has worked for the welfare of the poorest populations in Apurímac. It is a regional institution made up of professionals and people with high social motivation, which contributes to the improvement of the living conditions of the population with fewer resources, through the design, implementation and dissemination of alternative and comprehensive development programs, supported by the ability to social self-management and the aptitudes of the ecological and economic environment.

National Forestry and Wildlife Service (SERFOR)

The Forest Service of Wild Flora and Fauna (SERFOR) is a specialized technical organization attached to the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation. It has the powers to dictate the rules and establish procedures, as well as to execute, lead, support and supervise policies and strategies related to forest and wildlife heritage.


SERNANP (Ampay National Sanctuary)

The National Service of Natural Protected Areas by the State - SERNANP, is a Specialized Technical Public Agency attached to the Ministry of the Environment, in charge of directing and establishing the technical and administrative criteria for the conservation of Protected Natural Areas - ANP, and of protecting the maintenance of biological diversity. In Apurímac it is the governing body of the Protected Natural Area of ​​the Ampay National Sanctuary.


CONAF (National Forestry Corporation)

The National Forestry Corporation (CONAF) is a private law entity under the Ministry of Agriculture, whose main task is to administer Chile's forestry policy and promote the development of the sector. The Corporation is led by an executive director, currently Mr. José Manuel Rebolledo, and has the mission of contributing to the development of the country through the sustainable management of forest ecosystems and the components of nature associated with them, which are It will be achieved through: The promotion, establishment, restoration and management of forests and xerophytic formations; The increase in urban trees; Mitigation and adaptation of the effects of climate change; The supervision of forest and environmental legislation; The protection of vegetation resources and the administration of the State's Protected Wild Areas, for current and future generations.


Acknowledgements/ Andrea Cruzado Silva, Rossina Crigna, Albert Bokkestijn, Benjamin Gutierrez Peña (Andean Forest Programs); Jocelyn Beyta Oztolaza (SDC); Amílcar Osorio Marcés (SERNANP); Cristina Mendoza Muñoz, Jorge Olivera (Atumpata Community); Constantino Rivas (National Sanctuary of Ampay); Inty Arcos (Coordinator of the Chocó Andino Model Forest); Zavier Escobar (ZEM); Oliver Torres (co-owner of Pambiliño, Bosque Escuela Ecuador); Ángel and Vinicio Paz, owners of Paz de las Aves; Michael Van Houten, Sylvain Lierre, Yves Bellanger (Conversations du monde). Special contributors / Veronica Galmez (Andean Forest Programs); Jaime Valenzuela Trujillo (National Sanctuary of Ampay); Manuel Peralvo, Ana Carolina Benítez (Ecuador Andean Forest Program); Bruno Locatelli (Cirad); Patricia Tobón (Andean Forest Programs); Ana Maria Benavides (Jardin Botanico de Medellin); Felipe Molina (San Miguel Reserve); Sergio Franco (San Sebastian Reserve); Gabriela Soto (CONAF); Alvaro Marín Mendoza (CONAF); Gustavo Morales (CONAF); Luis Alban (PBA); Musuk Briceño (PBA). Credits / Web design: g981; Text editing Peru & Ecuador: Stefanie Pareja; Photographs and 360 ° visuals: Nicolas Villaume. Concept: Nicolas Villaume (Association Conversations du Monde).